Isar River log rafting

River log rafting on the Isar river - the original bavarian fun!

DER Touristik & Incentive Munich offers perfectly organized river log rafting in the heart of Bavaria, Germany - unforgettable river log rafting on the Isar river and the Donau flow.

Basically log rafts were used to transport bulky goods. Nowadays river log rafting on the Isar flow is just fun. Our rafts are exactly built as 100 years ago; but they are disassembled in Munich and brought back to Wolfratshausen to enable a new river log raft on the Isar the next day.

The tradition and the knowledge of the rafters were transfered from one generation to the next and exclusively the aboriginal rafting families were allowed to do river log rafting on the Isar. Accompagny them on an adventurous river log rafting on the Isar and spend an unforgettable day on the Isar!

Isar River log rafting 2006 (Munich, Germany)

Where can you find these nostalgic Bavarian log rafting aboard of an originally built raft yet? In Wolfratshausen, a little town south of Munich, boarding will be done.

Included a real Bavarian break, beer out from the beerbarrel, proper Bavarian music and a lot of fun, the tour follows the Isar river towards Munich through the wonderful landscape of the Isar valley. Take part in this popular spare time pleasure for families, companies and associations!

Dates for this exclusively entertaining event are available May through September

At 8:15 h a.m., the bus leaves and brings you to Wolfratshausen. On the raft, a band is awaiting you. At about 9:30 a.m. the rafting tour starts and you will be served a typical Bavarian snack.

After 2,5 to 3 hours, you arrive in “Mühltal”, where you stop at the Beer Garden for a typical Bavarian midday meal, ‘Schweinebraten mit Knödel’ (roast pork with potato dumplings). If the weather is bad, the meal is served in a traditional Bavarian restaurant.

At about 16.00/16.30 pm, you arrive at the landing area in Thalkirchen. The bus is already waiting to take you back to MunichCity. You are back at the Hauptbahnhof roughly at 17.00/17.30 pm.

There are also gift vouchers available for our river log rafting on the Isar river (Munich, Germany), called "Isarflossfahrt gift voucher for 2006"!

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